Birdcage Veils – Bridal Fashion Shoot = Hot!

Yesterday, my friend and fellow talented photographer, Aga ( invited to me to shoot a small Fashion Bridal Shoot at their studio in LIC. The designer, Holly from designs gorgeous, handcrafted millinery as well as  gorgeous handcrafted birdcage veils that we took tons of amazing pictures of! 🙂 We had three lovely models (thank you, Johanna, Ashley & Denise). We also had one super talented make-up artist, Michele from and her friend Diana, who was a hair stylist and did all the fabulous hair styles you see below.  It was an awesome shoot! Here a just a few pictures of the many I took… Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Birdcage Veils – Bridal Fashion Shoot = Hot!”

  1. Michelle Larner Says:

    Hello Erica,
    Thankyou for the mention and compliments! Had a great time at the shoot! Images look beautiful! Lets do it again soon!
    ; )

  2. Kinga Lewicka Says:

    I love all these close ups, they’re beautiful!

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